National Armaments Consortium (NAC)
Consortium Membership Application

1. This Membership Application is made by (“Applicant” -- the signing organization) to the National Armaments Consortium (“NAC”) organization. Applicant agrees that it will review and sign the Consortium Member Agreement and review the DOTC Base Agreement. Consideration of the Applicant for NAC membership will not be made until Applicant reviews these Agreements and signs the Consortium Member Agreement.

2. Applicant, by signing this Application, represents that the information herein is a complete, true and correct statement of Applicant’s organization.  Applicant agrees to disclose immediately to the NAC Executive Director any changes affecting Applicant’s representation that it meets the requirements of membership.

3. Applicant agrees that the NAC Executive Committee has the right to accept or reject Applicant in its sole discretion if such Committee determines that Applicant does or does not meet the membership requirements contained in this Application, the DOTC Base Agreement and the Consortium Member Agreement.  The NAC Executive Director will notify Applicant within a reasonable time of Applicant’s membership status, and if Applicant is rejected for membership, the reason for the rejection.

4. Does Applicant have a DD2345 Joint Certification Program Certification Number? How do I apply for a DD2345 Code?
or required
Certification Number: required
Expiration Date: required

Please Note: Applicant must have a DD2345 Certification to be considered for NAC Membership – the signed certification document must be attached to this application.

5. Is applicant a United States Company?
or required

6. Is applicant operating under Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence(FOCI)?

Please Note: A U.S. company is considered under FOCI whenever a foreign interest has the power, direct or indirect, whether or not exercised, and whether or not exercisable through the ownership of the U.S. company's securities, by contractual arrangements or other means, to direct or decide matters affecting the management or operations of that company in a manner which may result in unauthorized access to [export controlled information,] classified information or may adversely affect the performance of classified contracts. National Industrial Security Program Manual (DoD 5220.22-M, Para. 2-300a.). Per DoD 5220.22-M, National Industrial Security Program, a foreign-owned company must have an approved plan for negating or mitigating the risk of foreign ownership, control or influence from the Defense Security Service (DSS).

or required

If Yes:

a) Applicant must attach a letter from the Defense Security Service (DSS) verifying that it has an approved plan, special security agreement, or other DSS-approved instrument in place for negating or mitigating the risk of foreign ownership, control or influence; or,

b) If Applicant does not have a DSS-approved mitigation instrument in-place, Applicant must submit a signed copy of Attachment A - Export Compliance Acknowledgement Form.

7. Applicant with Full Membership privileges agrees to provide proof of the required facility and personnel clearance prior to award of any classified project activity.

8. Applicant represents that it is eligible to contract with the United States Government, i.e., Applicant is not debarred or suspended by the United States Government

9. Applicant represents the following:

  1. It has an interest in the research and development of armament technologies,
  2. It is capable of making a technical contribution to the advancement of armament technologies,
  3. It is willing to be an advocate of the NAC and the DOTC as the fundamental instrument for the advancement of armament technologies in the United States.

10. Applicant with Full Membership privileges agrees that it will participate in the annual meetings of the NAC General Membership and remain a "member in good standing" in accordance with the requirements specified in the Consortium Member Agreement.

11. Applicant understands that as a member of NAC, it may be necessary for Applicant to make some resource contribution (i.e., cash, in-kind, etc.) if Applicant determines such contribution serves the best interests of Applicant and the Government.




15. Address of Applicant's principal offices:





16. Applicant's designated contact information (and address if different from above):





17. Is applicant currently considered a “Non-traditional Defense Contractor”?

A nontraditional defense contractor means an entity that is not currently performing and has not performed, for at least the one-year period prior to the date of this application, any contract or subcontract for the Department of Defense that is subject to full coverage under the cost accounting standards prescribed pursuant to section 1502 of title 41 and the regulations implementing such section.

or required

18. Applicant is a (check all that apply): required

19. Provide below a description of the nature of Applicant’s business and your capabilities as they may apply to research and development in the field of armament technologies.  Information to provide could include text and graphics describing applicable equipment and facilities, engineering, design, prototyping and production capabilities, personnel with a relevant technical background, government contracts (provide contract numbers), previous technical accomplishments, and any exceptional or unique capabilities that could be applied to the advancement of armament technologies. This information may be provided as a separate PDF document attachment:

20. Describe below Applicant’s current plans to support NAC’s mission to advance the field of armament technologies.  Include technical gaps that may be addressed, armament programs that may be supported, efficiencies and/or cost reductions that may be achieved, expected enhancement in product performance, etc. Current plans should be supported by applicant’s capabilities provided in section 19.  This information may be provided as a separate PDF document attachment:

21. Applicant acknowledges that it has read and understands the application form, the DOTC Base Agreement, and the Consortium Member Agreement, to which the applicant agrees to meet its obligation, in its entirety, and is undertaking and has caused this Application to be signed by its duly authorized representative on the date set forth below:

Applicant Name ____________________________________
Signature ____________________________________
Title ____________________________________
Date ____________________________________

Select the "Process this membership application for review and printing" button to review, print and complete Section 21.

Submit this Application to:
NAC Consortium Management Firm

Direct any questions to:

Shawn Gore
(843) 760-3257

Attachment A-
Export Compliance Acknowledgement Form
(to be completed by applicants operating under FOCI without DSS-approved mitigation instrument)

  1. I understand that, as a member of the National Armaments Consortium (NAC), my organization may be granted access to information that may be subject to one or more export control laws and regulations of the U.S. Government and that the information may fall under the control/ jurisdiction of either the Department of State or the Department of Commerce. This may occur through information made available through the NAC Members-Only Site and/or NAC or Government-sponsored events.

  2. I understand that it is unlawful to export, or attempt to export or otherwise transfer or sell any hardware or technical data or furnish any service to any foreign person, whether abroad or in the United States (U.S.), for which a license or written approval of the U.S. Government is required, without first obtaining the required license or written approval from the department of the U.S. Government having jurisdiction.

  3. I understand that, in the ITAR (§ 120.16), a foreign person means any natural person who is not a lawful permanent resident as defined by 8 U.S.C.1101(a)(20) or who is not a protected individual as defined by 8 U.S.C. 1324b(a)(3). It also means any foreign corporation, business association, partnership, trust, society or any other entity or group that is not incorporated or organized to do business in the U.S., as well as international organizations, foreign governments and any agency or subdivision of foreign governments.

  4. I understand that my organization is responsible for compliance with any and all U.S. Government export controls and regulations and that, if my organization violates them, it could result upon conviction in severe criminal and civil penalties (including substantial fines, imprisonment, seizure of controlled products and technical data, and/or suspension/removal of export privileges) for my organization and/or individuals from my organization.

  5. I further understand that sale or transfer of products or technical data to individuals, entities and countries named in the lists referenced in the Lists of Prohibited Individuals, Entities and Countries are strictly prohibited.

Applicant acknowledges that it has read and understands its export compliance responsibilities, to which the applicant agrees to meet its obligation, in its entirety, and is undertaking and has caused this Acknowledgment Form to be signed by its duly authorized representative on the date set forth below:

Applicant Name (Company Name): ____________________________________
Authorized Representative Signature: ____________________________________
Authorized Representative Printed Name: ____________________________________
Title: ____________________________________
Date: ____________________________________